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Keeping History Alive

2024 March: September 25-October 7, 2024.

The 2024 March schedule is in the planning stage. Check occasionally for updates.

The 2024 March will celebrate the 50th annual march beginning in 1975. There are special activities being planned to commemorate this big event.

2023 March Schedule

Every person participating on the March must sign the OVTA Lability Wavier and Code of Conduct Form and attend a safety briefing.

Anyone firing a firelock at any OVTA event must have the OVTA Blackpowder training.

Anyone firing a firelock at Cowpens and Kings Mountain NP must also have taken the OVTA Blackpowder training.

Meals on your own unless otherwise indicated.

 Following is a day-by-day schedule of the reenactment including a short description of each day’s walk, logistics and planned activities. Last minute changes to the schedule will likely occur so please be patient when that happens.

 Trail walking information is a separate document and can be found on the OVTA website. The trail information is a work in progress and needs a lot of updating. Information for the updates is being collected.

 This year’s March Officers are:

Grand Marshall                     David Doan     423-366-8091

Trail Marshall                        Tom Vaughn    423-366-8639

Director of Interpretations    Steve Ricker    423-278-0439

Safety Officer                         Jane Doan        423-366-8092

Safety Officer                         Dalton Wade    423-620-8297

Ordinance                              Mel McKay      423-930-5552

Wilkes/Surry Marshall           R G Absher      336-902-1760 

Marion Marshall                    John Garrou

Morganton Marshall             Bryant Lindsey

2023 March Schedule


Revised 9/17/2023


Saturday, September 16


10:00am-5:00pm           OVTA Day: Kings Mountain: The Overmountain Men Story            Rocky Mount State Historic Site


Sunday, September 17


2:00pm                                     Campbell gravesite service

Following Campbell service       Brody gravesite service


Monday, September 18


9:00am-2:00pm                        Abingdon Call to Arms             Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA


Tuesday, September 19


9:00am-2:00pm                        Abingdon Call to Arms             Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA


Wednesday, September 20


9:00am-2:00pm                        Abingdon Call to Arms             Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA


Friday, September 22


8:30am-11:30am                       Sullivan East Middle School program

6:00pm-8:00pm                        The Parting Shots @ “The Tavern” (NPS)          The Tavern restaurant, Abingdon, VA

Saturday, September 23


10:00am                       Fort Watauga Muster                            Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park

10am, 1pm, 4pm           Guided Hikes (NPS)                              Muster Grounds, Abingdon, VA

6:00pm                         The Night Before                                  Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA


Sunday, September 24


Col William Campbell and his men leave the Muster Grounds. Col Shelby & Col Sevier’s men head toward Fort Watauga



10:00am                       Fort Watauga Muster                            Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park

10:00am                       Muster Grounds Muster                         Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA

2:00pm                         Muster Grounds Ceremony                    Muster Grounds Abingdon, VA

2:00pm                         Constitution Week Bell Ringing            Bogart Bowman Cabin

6:00pm                         Rocky Mount Public Program                Rocky Mount


Encamp:Rocky Mount                         Actual: Ft Womack



The Gathering


Monday, September 25


Col’s Campbell, Shelby, and Sevier and their men arrive at Fort Watauga


2:00pm                                     Watauga River crossing                                     Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park

Following river crossing            “Campaign to Kings Mountain” public program Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park

Following public program          Jerry Mustin memorial service                           Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park


Encamp: Sycamore Shoals                   Actual: Sycamore Shoals (Fort Watauga)


The March Begins


Tuesday, September 26


The Overmountain Men leave Fort Watauga heading toward Shelter Rock/Resting Place looking for Major Patrick Fergusson


11:00am                       Rev Doak                                 Sycamore Shoals            Elizabethton, TN

9:00am                         Walk Yellow Mountain             Meet at Roan Mountain Community Park

6:00pm                         Roan Mountain program & music (Virginia Boys)          Roan Mountain Community Park


Encamp: Roan Mountain Community Park        Actual: Shelving Rock/Resting Grounds


Wednesday, September 27


The Overmountain Men cross Roan Mountain at Yellow Mountain Gap, drill and roll call, find two men are missing

Col Cleveland and his men leave Wilkes Surry


9:00am                         Sibelco School Day and Sevier gravesite

6:00pm                         Orchard at Altapass meal and program


Encamp:Apple Orchard           Actual: Roaring Creek  


Thursday, September 28


The Men continue along trail


9:00am             Carson House Living School Day                       Carson House


Encamp:Carson House             Actual: Grassy Creek  



Friday, September 29


The Overmountain Men divide into two groups to follow the two trails (North Cove & Turkey Cove) off the mountain


5:00pm                         Guided Hike (NPS)                   Visitor Center, Lake James State Park

6:00pm                         Patty Creek evening program


Encamp: Patty Creek Visitor Center/Campground                     Actual: North Cove & Turkey Cove



Saturday, September. 30 


The two groups join back together and camp at Quaker Meadows, Wilkes Surry Militia under Col Ben Cleveland join the Overmountain Men at Quaker Meadows


10am, 1pm                   Guided Hike (NPS)       Visitor Center, Lake James State Park

1:00pm-5:00pm             Living History Day       McDowell House, Morganton, NC


Encamp: Patty Creek Visitor Center/Campground        Actual: Quaker Meadows


Sunday, October 1


The combine Militia head toward Gilbertown crossing the Catawba River, heavy rain begins, camp at Bedford Hills


11:00am                       Sunday Church service              Quaker Meadows Presbyterian Church

12:00pm                       Guided Bike Ride (NPS)            Catawba Greenway, Morganton, NC

2:00pm                         Monument dedication & River crossing (actual date)      Greenlee Ford, Morganton, NC


Encamp: Lucky Strike Campground or Scout Camp       Actual: Bedford Hills


Monday, October 2


Heavy rain continues, Overmountain Men remain in camp, officers elect Col Campbell as overall commander


Pond Mountain


Encamp: Lucky Strike Campground      Actual: Bedford Hills


Tuesday, October 3


Militia head toward Gilbertown


9:00am                         Wilkes School Day                    Wilkes Heritage Museum

4:30pm                         Guide Hike (NPS)                     Purple Mountain Trail

6:00pm                         Rutherfordton program              Kiwanis Park


Encamp: Church next to Kiwanis Park? (Scout Camp backup)    Actual: Marlins Knob


Wednesday, October 4


Arrive at Gilbertown, Ferguson is gone


9:00am                         Elkin School Day          Elkin Municipal Park

7:00-8:00am                 Breakfast by DAR         Rutherfordton Scout Cabin

8:50am                        Golbert School Day       Gilbert Town

4:30pm                         Guided Hike (NPS)       Alexanders Ford

Gray’s Chapel public evening program               Gray’s Chapel


Encamp: Grays Chapel             Actual: Gilbertown



Thursday, October 5


The Militia head southwest and camp at Alexander’s Ford on the Green River. They learn from scouts that Ferguson is marching toward Charlotte Town and the protection of Cornwallis’s army.


7:00am                         Breakfast                                  Pleasant Hill Church

9:00am                         Polk County School Program     Gray’s Chapel/ Alexanders Ford


Encamp: Cherokee Co History & Arts Museum             Actual: Alexanders Ford


Friday, October 6


The Militia head toward Cowpens and join with militia from South Carolina, Georgia and Lincoln Co., NC.

At 9 pm militia of best 900 men leave in pouring rain and head toward Kings Mountain



4:00pm                         Cherokee Ford Trail hike (NPS event)                Wolf Den Lane, Gaffney, SC

5:00pm                         Guided Walk (NPS)                                          Cowpens National Battlefield

6:00pm                        The Night before Kings Mountain program        Cowpens National Battlefield


Encamp: Cherokee Co History & Arts Museum             Actual: Cowpens


Saturday, October 7


Before 3 pm militia arrive at Kings Mountain and battle begins at 3 pm


TBA                             Possible side trip               Gaffney, SC area

8:30am (tentative)         Guided Hike “The Patriot Advance” (NPS)         Kings Mountain National Park

11:00am                       Wreath Laying Ceremony          Kings Mountain National Military Park.

2:15pm                         Meet at the Visitor’s Center to prepare for March finale

3:00pm                         Walk into the amphitheater at Kings Mountain NMP for traditional ceremony.

7:00pm                         Candle tours                             Kings Mountain National Military Park


Encamp: Kings Mountain         Actual: Kings Mountain



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